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At RDL Dispatch & Logistics, we’re here to help you take care of all the details so you can focus on driving. Because of our extensive network of partners around the U.S., we’re able to find loads with highly competitive rates. Furthermore, we can help you do all the paperwork, invoice clients and collect the pay once the delivery is finished. Our goal is to provide drivers with a comprehensive solution to logistics. If you need help at any time, just contact us – we’re available 24/7


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As a logistics and dispatch company, one of our main priorities is to assist our drivers and optimize their workflow. Our staff can plan your trip in order to maximize time efficiency. At RDL Dispatch & Logistics, we believe in creating lasting partnerships with our drivers. Therefore, we’ll always provide you with attentive service designed to meet your needs as a driver. If you need help at any time, just contact us – we’re available 24/7


Filling out paperwork can be confusing and very time consuming. At RDL Dispatch & Logistics, we’re here to help you with the paperwork and invoicing, so you can focus on doing your job – driving. Our knowledgeable staff will fill in all the information accurately, and we’ll be able to provide any additional support you need. We’ve been working in the industry for years, so you can trust us with your paperwork. If you need help at any time, just contact us – we’re available 24/7

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At RDL Dispatch & Logistics, we’re here for you 24/7 to assist in any way we can. If you need our help, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you immediately. As a dispatch company, it’s important that we’re here to support you at every hour. Regardless what time you call, we’ll answer and we’ll be ready to help you.


As a driver, ensuring that you’ll be paid for hauling a load is integral to your business. Before making a delivery, you must make sure that the broker or shipper will pay you in full, and on time. Before you establish a trusted relationship with a shipper or broker, it’s important to do a credit check before you deliver your first load. At RDL Dispatch & Logistics, we can do a credit check for you, in order to eliminate any doubts you may have about getting paid. We’re available 24/7 to assist you, contact us at any time for immediate assistance.

05.Freightwave "SONAR"

SONAR freight indices collect data from all trading parties. That includes carriers, shippers, forwarders and brokers. Analysis of that data creates a benchmarking standard. In turn, that allows RDL Dispatch to analyze strategic positioning, monitor market conditions and make decisions based on forecasted data. That process, the lifecycle of tactical freight management, simply means that the index reflects the variables for a given lane or aspect of a supply chain at any time. The value of an index lies in its consistency. However, a single index itself only goes so far. That’s where the importance of understanding freight rate-impacting indices and their correlations comes into play.

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